Meet The Chef

Victoria Koulouris is the vegan entrepreneur behind The Fabulous Stargoolah brand.  She is a native New Yorker whose fondness for culinary innovation goes back to her childhood kitchen in Long Island City.  A self-described foodie and food scientist, Victoria grew up around creative, entrepreneurial parents who encouraged her to both follow her passions and nurture her creativity. Victoria’s love of food, compassion for animals, and deep concern for conservation of the planet inspired her to go vegan in 2013. After committing to a vegan lifestyle, Victoria still longed for the satisfaction, comfort and enjoyment of high quality cheese, but without the animal suffering inherent in the dairy industry.  Rather than relying on mediocre packaged vegan cheeses from grocery stores, Victoria decided to create her own, plant-based cheeses and share them with friends and family, which inspired immediate rave reviews. Positive feedback and encouragement inspired her to go further with her creations, and thus, The Fabulous Stargoolah was born.